Erasmus+ Success Stories


I should start from the beginning. Before the arriving I took emails with the Erasmus coordinator of T.E.I. i was a little bit afraid but also excited about this semester. And after in October when i arrived here, one teacher waited for me at the bus station and took me to the dormitory. I got a nice, single room there. I am glad that I got a really good accomodation for a low price. The lessons started in November so i had one month for discovering places and make friends. It was difficult at the beginning because lot of Greek do not speak English.

I am studying in my country technical management but here i choose the economics and finances department. I had four teachers and five subjects. We do not have „real” lessons because we are only two students from Erasmus me and Tomas from Czech Republic and the school does not organize lessons in English language. That is why i had meetings with the teachers once in a week or once in two weeks. I was not so tireing but was also helpful and i improved a lot expecially my english skills. and we also had opportunity for learning the Greek language once a week for 2 hours with a really adoreable teacher called Efi. It was helpful for us and we could learn the basics.
The other part of staying here is enjoying the time. Go for a coffee, walk at the beach, student parties, speak with Greek students. Kalamata has an amazing environment, sea, plants, weather and a lot of sunny days in winter too. And there is also a good night life with bars, clubs, pubs, cafeterias.
If i have to give an advice to other people who are thinking about go for Erasmus, i should say it is the best opportunity in this age to go to abroad. Studying, know a different country, culture, places and have experience, improve the language knowledge and make contacts, relations for a life.
Maybe Kalamata is not the right place for the high-level education and professional improving but it is a good opportunity to have experience in abroad and it is a very unique place in Europe.